Thursday, February 6, 2020 Is Akron's Black Media

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the people that I'm blessed to deal with on the daily is a breath of fresh air. The personalities that each of them has, make up the unique blend of "on-air personalities that you may have seen representing Media Entertainment.

As you may already know, our goal here at is to paint positive images of
Rapper Dre D
our people every day. I personally feel that the "general" media aids in the continued stereotyping as it pertains to the black experience here in America. I also believe that social media bares witness to the post-traumatic slave syndrome/ disorder that African Americans display and suffer from every day.   

This brings me to my Mecca Media Team and
Bro. Dee and comedian Darnell Mitchell
mission. As I said earlier, we try to paint positive images of our people every day. It is our way to combat all of the negative imagery that you may see on your social media timeline daily. It is why I  have to remind myself that the people that make up Mecca Media/ are a true blessing. They allow me to plaster their images, words and thoughts via our website and social media every day, for the sole purpose of hoping someone see something positive regarding "black" people on your timeline. With that being said please check out my vibe session with the team in the video posted below. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.  

-Hiram Akeem 

Check out this quick video