Friday, February 3, 2023

Blerd City Is Akron Ohio's Black Geek Culture

For years, we here at have been painting positive images of our people everyday. Now when we say "our people", we mean the entire African American experience here in Akron Ohio. For far too long the "Black Geek Culture" has been under promoted and hardly ever showcased on these type of platforms. With that being said we aim to change that by putting forth a positive effort when it comes to this particular sub-culture within the African American culture.

Let's start by defining what is a blerd & what is Geek Culture. Geek culture includes a range of activities such as role-playing games (e.g., Dungeons and Dragons), science fiction (e.g., Star Trek), comic books, and dressing in costumes (i.e., and a "blerd" is simply a black nerd.

We here at is doing our part when it comes to the culture by showcasing 2 local comic book artists, writers & publishers whose names are Damion Kendrick & Cameron Blakey. Both are co-hosting a version of our YouTube podcast/show titled The Usual Suspects Podcast (Blerd city). Check out the Promo video at the top of this article and then the full episode in the video below. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

-Hiram Akeem
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Black History Business Salute In Akron


This black history month, we here at decided to showcase some of the best black businesses that our community has to offer. It is our aim to help educate the city of "BLAkron Ohio" in-regards to where these independent businesses are located among other things. As a "platform" we have been putting these type of businesses in the forefront for over 24 years. With that being said please check out the video posted above to find out who we are helping to get the word out regarding their services & location. Until next time, have some fun and get something done.  

-Hiram Akeem

Friday, January 13, 2023

Introducing Suniyah El

Recently, we have had the pleasure of adding two new people to the platform in an effort to add some new perspectives and vibes. Remember, our mission is to paint positive images of our people & communities everyday. With that being said I would like to introduce the lovely, intelligent and motivated Suniyah El in her own words...

I've been molested, bullied, motherless, angry, suicidal, diagnosed with depressed, broken, constantly told I couldn’t do something, and according to a viral post because I’m single over 35 with 2 children I’m leftovers but Because of my pain, I found my Purpose.

My name is Suniyah El and I GAF about Mental Health.

I’m a personal trainer, fitness influencer, and mental health advocate. I help melanin sistas heal and build their mental health through exercise. 

Being active releases chemicals in your brain (dopamine) that makes you feel good. It boosts your confidence and helps with concentration and sleep.

My Purpose is to motivate, push and inspire my sistas to become active, release the DOPE-AMINE in their brains so they can get to a place of less stress and mental fatigue, more focus, sleep and motivation, happiness with themselves and their bodies, feeling less angry and frustrated, having fun and all around confidence. 

Exercise and therapy saved my life and if I can help one sista on her healing journey I’ve achieved my purpose

Build your mental health by feeling good about yourself! 

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Monday, December 19, 2022

Johnny Oz For City Council At Large

First off, let me say. I love Akron, I am Akron, and besides my parents, Akron has made me who I am today. As a community member, a man, a father, author, and an entrepreneur. This is my why. Akron has groomed me, by way of strong values and skills instilled by my mother, from her parents. Along with college preparatory programs, community center involvement and youth work programs, that taught me so much about character, work ethic and integrity. Graduating from Central-Hower High School, a school with a strong reputable tradition and a winning culture, scholastically and athletically. Success would soon follow.

My timeline of the history of Akron has enabled me to embody many fragments and segments of this monumental historical place. So I have witnessed what Akron is capable of as a city, as a community, as a culture, as a family, and as a neighborhood. Neighbors becoming extended family, coaches becoming uncles, mentors becoming older cousins, teachers becoming aunties. childhood friends becoming siblings and their parents, becoming our parents. Standing right beside strong fathers and compassionate mothers assisting in creating children, into future community leaders and self-sufficient young adults. This is what I recall, this is what I wish and pray to remain the same.

The people of Akron are hardworking, friendly, family oriented, and value community. Akron is a very supportive and proud city. Summers are incredible, spring is insightful, winters are festive and warm, and fall is artistically intriguing.

Unfortunately things change. Individualism, survivorlism and materialism, has aided in the destruction of families in Akron, Ohio. With inability to change for the sake of family, love, community and the city of Akron. Strong families are the foundation for strong communities, which makes a strong city, like Akron, Ohio, the birthplace of all things great!

Empower Families,We Empower our Communities VOTE OSBY 2023