Saturday, October 29, 2022

Freemason Talks About Brotherhood & Media


Bro. Andre Elton

When we as a community think about the word "brotherhood" many different things come to mind. Depending on where you're from or what you're representing, the term/word "brotherhood" may differ. Personally speaking, when I think of "brotherhood"my understanding comes from a "practice" perspective. Many brothers like myself believe that "brotherhood" should be looked at as a verb or a word that display action. During this morning's Mecca Media Morning Show, we had the pleasure to have had a conversation with a concerned member from our community and active "Freemason" Bro. Andre Elton. In-short, Bro. Andre Elton will be featured on our platform weekly with the intent to inspire & educate our young community. With that being said check out Bro. Dre as he explains the "true" practice and meaning of the word "brotherhood" in the video posted below Until next time, have some fun and get something done.

-Hiram Akeem 

Check out this quick video